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Adjunct Faculty - FILM 231

08/02/2017 Faculty Film
FILM 231 – Screenwriting. Introduction to screenwriting. Fundamentals of: research methods; story structure; character; theme; myth; genre. Develop stories; produce short treatments and screenplays. Critical analysis of own work and that of master screenwriters. Introduction to professional screenplay software. Exposure to non-traditional screenplay forms. View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty – CRWR 210

07/26/2017 Faculty Creative Writing
CRWR 210 – Topics in Editing and Publishing. Reviewing and editing submissions for digital and/or print media. Roles and responsibilities with the course will align with positions within the industry such as managing editor, production manager, and copy editor. Overview of publishing industry standards. View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty - ILLU 277

07/19/2017 Faculty Illustration
ILLU 277 – Painting I. Introduction to materials, methods, and fundamental principles of painting. Develop perceptual abilities, sensitivity to color, and compositional ideas. Subject matter includes still life, landscape and the figure. View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty - MEDA 112

06/02/2017 Faculty MEDA
MEDA 112 – 2-D Design. Develop an understanding of visual language and compositional structure using the basic elements and principles of design. Introduction to color theory and application. View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty - FILM 115

05/18/2017 Faculty Film
FILM 115 – Film Language. An introduction to storytelling as communicated through the visual medium of filmmaking. Incorporates the effective use of film language through story analysis and structure. Projects include written story exercises and the practice of visual storytelling using drawn and photographed images. View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty – SBSC 230

05/12/2017 Faculty Liberal Arts
SBSC 230 – Topics in Social Science: Revolutions. Explores a variety of topics in social sciences, such as globalization, gender, and inequality. Focuses on the systematic understanding of social interaction, social organization, social institutions, and social change. Introduces students to major themes in sociological thinking, such as the interplay between the individual and society, the ca… View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty - ILLU 451

05/11/2017 Faculty Illustration
ILLU 451 – Advanced Illustration. Development of independent voice in Illustration. Develop Illustration portfolio while undertaking advanced problem-solving in a variety of specialties. View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty - DSNA 113

03/22/2017 Faculty DSNA
DSNA 113 – Drawing & 3D Design I. Introduction to drawing and 3D design. Learn traditional media: paper; cardstock; cardboard. Use digital design tools to develop modeling skills and understanding of mass, space, and texture. Apply principles of design to understanding forms and spaces. View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty – CRWR 315

02/10/2017 Faculty Creative Writing
CRWR 315 – Creative Writing Topics: Playwriting. This version of CRWR 315 is a creative writing workshop that focuses on playwriting, with a strong emphasis on issues of craft such as the importance of character, voice, and conflict, and how playwriting is different than writing for TV and film. Investigates the theory, history, aesthetics, art, and/or creation of creative writing. Expos… View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty - IDES 461

03/01/2017 Faculty Interior Design
IDES 461 – Interior Design V. Synthesize design solution to a complex project scenario that demonstrates cumulative knowledge. Students apply critical and creative thinking to communicate understanding of large scale interior environments; focus on building systems and technology to communicate concepts and solutions. View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty – SBSC 245

03/01/2017 Faculty Liberal Arts
SBSC 245 – Psychology of the Arts. Psychological study of artists and art images/objects as they relate to the creative person, process, product, and audience. Students learn developmental stages in art expression through an overview of theories, and practices in western psychology and art therapy. View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty – ARTH 452

02/10/2017 Faculty Liberal Arts
ARTH 452 – Art History Topics. Art History Seminar – Topic: Meso-American Art History. This course is an introduction to the art, architecture, and culture of Mesoamerica from the rise of the Olmec (1500 BC) to the Spanish conquest of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan in AD 1521. We will focus on the changes in visual culture and how they reflect larger religious and political transformation… View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty - ILLU 261

10/21/2016 Faculty Illustration
ILLU 261 – Computer Illustration. Introduction to fundamentals of digital illustrating using both “draw” and “paint” programs. View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty - STDA 120

09/29/2016 Faculty STDA
STDA 120 – 4D Design. Introduction to basic elements, principles, and tools of time based design as means to develop unique and powerful works of contemporary art, film, and photography. Work critically through formal and conceptual problems while learning basic elements and principles of time-based media. Additional topics include research, drawing, and archiving. View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty – ARTH 120

08/18/2016 Faculty Liberal Arts
ARTH 120 – History of Illustration. History of illustration from the Middle Ages to the present. Survey of significant illustrators and the artistic, sociological, economic, and political movements which influenced the development of their art. View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty – EN 151

02/01/2016 Faculty Liberal Arts
EN 151 – Writing Studio. Introduction to academic and professional writing. Emphasis on: rhetorical knowledge; critical thinking, reading and writing processes and conventions. Analysis and evaluation of multiple reading strategies; composition; use of research tools; development of research process; documentation techniques and incorporation of sources; peer review; editing and proofreading s… View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty - ELEC 350

08/17/2015 Faculty Academic Affairs
ELEC 350 – Collaborative Elective. Projects through the Collaboratory at Ringling College provide students the opportunity to work directly with businesses, nonprofits and government entities as clients. Students enrolled in the Collaboratory class will work on real-world, real-time client projects providing design solutions to solve product, branding, merchandising, interior, advertising and … View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty – CRWR 212

02/10/2017 Faculty Creative Writing
CRWR 212 – Story Workshop. Introduces intermediate-level craft concerns of story construction. Emphasis on story craft elements such as dialogue, point of view, structure, image, and conflict. Includes critiquing of peer writing. Investigates contemporary and canonical texts to serve as professional models. Briefly considers the habits of professional writers as well as the business of writing. View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty – CRWR 310

02/10/2017 Faculty Creative Writing
CRWR 310 – Magazine and Feature Writing. Focuses on the craft of short- and long-form digital and print journalism. Emphasis on appropriate interviewing, researching, outlining, and writing/revising techniques. Includes discussion on pitches and queries. Exposure to reporters, critics, and editors from various local media. Includes critiquing of peer writing. View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty – CRWR 205

02/10/2017 Faculty Creative Writing
CRWR 205 – Story Fundamentals: Scene. Introduces fundamentals of scene construction. Considers a scene’s event, function, structure, and pulse. Includes discussions on setting, mood, and atmosphere. Include strategies on creating effective scenes from a variety of real-world sources. Examines scene examples from such sources as television, drama, fiction, comics, film, and video games. Include… View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty – LIBA 112

02/10/2017 Faculty Liberal Arts
LIBA 112 – Film & Narrative. Introduction to the visual techniques and language of film, exploring how they are used to define character and communicate narrative and theme. Examines connection between visual design and storytelling by focusing on editing, mise-en-scene, and narrative. View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty – LMST 282

02/10/2017 Faculty Liberal Arts
LMST 282 – Literature & Media Studies. Introduction to literary study and critical thinking about media. View Details Bookmark

Adjunct Faculty – SBSC 180

12/19/2016 Faculty Liberal Arts
SBSC 180 – Intro to Psychology. Introduction to the basic concepts of psychology. Focus on: behavioral theories; emotions and motivation; application of psychology to everyday life. Other topics include: key figures in psychology and their theories; research findings from the major sub-areas of the field and using psychological knowledge to improve the quality of our lives. View Details Bookmark